The Graveyard of Lost Posts

This post USED to be a kick-ass review of The Ruby in the Smoke, until my computer crashed and I LOST IT ALL.



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This is not the first this has happened to me, and it’s why I specifically set up my various word doc programs to auto-save every three minutes. Somehow, my magnificent post slipped through the cracks and disappeared into the ether. LE SIGH.

So now I have to rewrite it somehow UGH. Since I can’t remember anything I wrote five minutes after I write it, it’s like starting from scratch all over again and I HATES IT MY PRECIOUS I HATES IT


Have you ever lost a post before? And how do you get the energy to rewrite it? Usually I just whine for about three days and then I’ve gotten over it enough to just forge ahead. What about you?

6 thoughts on “The Graveyard of Lost Posts”

  1. That’s so disappointing! I don’t think I’ve lost a post before, but I have lost very lengthy writings, like long emails or parts of essays. Usually, I have to take a break before I revisit and rewrite.

    That said, I try to save very obsessively, and I’ll copy and paste once in awhile, too, so my work is on the clipboard. I will email myself very important documents, or even print them. If all fails, I can retype them. It will be annoying, but far easier than rewriting everything!

    Good luck with your review. The Ruby in the Smoke is a great book!

    1. I was not as good at saving my work as you, and I STILL can’t get up the energy to rewrite my lost Ruby in the Smoke review. Maybe I’ll have to do something different instead, like a video review or something.

  2. Ugh, that’s awful! I look forward to your review when you piece it back together.

    I haven’t ever lost a post, but that’s because of a formative experience in my childhood. I was typing up copious worldbuilding notes for a Legend of Zelda fanfic I was working on, and then get called away to dinner. My brother closed it without saving it, putting hours of work down the drain. I was infuriated with him, which wasn’t helped when he called said notes stupid and childish. Since then, I have been pretty paranoid about saving things.

    The journaling program I use autosaves constantly, so you might be able to make the timer a bit closer together in the future.

    1. I think I might just switch (back) to writing posts in my journal/notes program thing instead of a plain text file. It’s a little finicky, but it autosaves all the time so at least I wouldn’t have to worry about whether I’ve got it set correctly or not.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Poor youuuuuu! That is the WORST. When that happens to me, I pretty much knock the post on the head and go away to sulk about it. I don’t have the energy or the will to write a whole new version of the same point all over again from scratch.

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