The Sunday Salon (Feb. 23): Back to blogging

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So I spent some time this week going through my old blog posts1 and trying to make sure everything’s a-ok. For instance, when I started using the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin in 2013, I had over 5 years of reviews that needed to get transferred over…and I never did it! They STILL haven’t been done, and it’s been literally 7 years. I guess they just needed to incubate for a bit. I’m going through and doing them now, plus fixing the many broken links in my old books read pages.

There’s something weirdly satisfying about tidying up an old blog. Updating links, changing featured images, fixing book reviews, etc. etc. and nobody but myself even gives a crap about it– but I feel protective about this blog! I’ve had it for almost 12 years, and there’s a lot of personal history tied into its permalinks. I’m both a caretaker and a creator now; I’m going to keep making new content, but I need to appreciate the old content as well.

Anyway, it’s fun reading about what I was doing 10 years ago.

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Weekly Book Stats

I haven’t devised a good way to keep track of what I’m reading. I used to use a spreadsheet, then Goodreads, and now I have neither. I could go BACK to a spreadsheet, maybe? Or just make sure I update my Books Read page regularly…

Books Read
002. A Path Begins – J.A. White. Middle grade fantasy-horror; first in a series.

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I’m trying to finish up the third Tightwad Gazette book; it’s great to read about ways to be frugal, but I rarely find myself in situations that fit anything I read in the book. Maybe once I own a house? But I still enjoy reading about HOW people think of creative solutions to problems, especially since my usual solution would just be to buy a new one.

Also currently in the early parts of The Walkabouts: A Family at Sea, a 1970s memoir about a family who lived on a boat. Unfortunately the early parts are usually the most boring– figuring out how to buy the boat, get it fitted out, etc.– and I haven’t picked it up for a week because it’s a bit of a slog.

Yesterday I got a BIG bag of books from the library (I’ll do a library loot post later this week) and started into one of the shorter books: Unfinished Business: Notes of a Chronic Re-Reader by Vivian Gornick. It’s more focused on literary analysis than I expected, but it’s giving my brain a workout, which I enjoy. I’m about halfway through and expect to finish it today.

Added to TBR

By the way: I’m looking for more book blogs to add to my RSS reader. If you’re a current book blogger, please say hello in the comments!

  1. currently at 1,971 with today’s post

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon (Feb. 23): Back to blogging”

  1. Good for you in going through all your old posts and checking the links. I should do that one of these days. My blog will be twelve years old this summer, too.

    I keep my books read list at Goodreads. Periodically, I print off the list so I have it in case anything happens to my online list.

    Unfinished Business is a book I’ve never heard about before now. It sounds like a book I’d like to read, as I love books-about-books.

    Have a great week!

    1. I do have a LibraryThing account (similar to Goodreads) but I haven’t kept up with it in several years, and the last time I tried to import my ebook collection it added a bunch of incorrect books.

      Honestly, I might just go very old school and write titles down in a notebook, and then transfer them to the blog.

  2. Hey, you! Hi, friend! Oh it’s so so so so SO good to see you, I have missed you!! I just saw you on Twitter and popped into your feed to see what was up and saw this post, and it is making me so happy to see you around these parts.

    I have not updated my Books Read page in don’t-look-at-me years — maybe one of these days I’ll be able to set aside some time and do it. That would be immensely satisfying.

    1. Hi Jenny!! It’s nice to see you! 😀 Thanks for visiting me– I’ve been trying to track down old blogging friends, and it’s always fun to see people who’ve stuck around on their blog over the years.

  3. I track my books to be read in a spreadsheet, and then just hide the lines when I’m done. I list the books I’ve read in my paper planner, and tag them on my blog. Not super scientific, but whatever. LOL Good job on editing old posts! Sounds tedious, but satisfying 🙂

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