Today is February 1st! And that means it’s Georgette Heyer Month!

Today is February 1st and that means it is the start of Georgette Heyer month! A month of celebrating all things Georgette Heyer!

I only recently started reading GH; my first book was one of her mysteries, read back in 2011. It did not go so well. I tried again in 2013 with a romance, April Lady. It was a MUCH better reading experience. I found out two things: that I love Regency romances and that I love Georgette Heyer’s romances in particular.

Georgette Heyer’s quickly become one of my favorite authors, perfect for when I need a comforting read or just something that sizzles and sparkles. I love the mix of historical accuracy (such as in the language! more on that later in the month) and what we’d consider more “modern” characters. They always feel like Authentic Regency (or whatever time period) People, but they tend to be more active physically and emotionally than you might expect. The blend of past and present is lots of fun, and it makes for some pretty exciting books. They have a wonderful Ye Olde Worlde kind of fantasy you can sink your teeth into.

If you’d like to join me in the GH celebration, all you gotta do is read one Georgette Heyer book in February. If you’re not sure where to start, I’m hosting a readalong of her first book, Black Moth. It’s in the public domain (in the US) and can be downloaded for free from Girlebooks. (The first readalong post will be up tomorrow.)

I will also be posting reviews, interesting facts about the various historical periods she wrote about, and a special guest post from author Terri Bruce!

If you’d like to talk about Georgette Heyer Month or spread the word on Twitter or whatnot, you can use this here hashtag: #heyermonth

I look forward to celebrating the wonderfulness that is Georgette Heyer with y’all!

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