Treasure Hunt: The stuffed parrot art teacher diamond mystery

treasure hunt
Remember that one book? The one with the thing? And that really neat character? It was so good! You loved it, you carried it around with you for weeks, you swore you’d never part with it– and then it disappeared and you can’t remember the title or the author or even what the cover looked like.

Welcome to Treasure Hunt, a new feature at Here There Be Books dedicated to tracking down those pesky barely-remembered but much-loved books of yesteryear.

The stuffed parrot art teacher diamond mystery

During one of my moves, I LOST a BOX of BOOKS. It completely disappeared and I have no idea where it is. I feel short of breath just thinking about it.

It’s been missing for about seven years now and I’ve managed to remember maybe four of the books that were in it (and buy them to re-add to my collection). But there’s lots more that’re missing, and those are just the ones that I remember having!

Okay, so this book is a children’s mystery. It was definitely written in the late 1980s/early 1990s, because the protagonist– a tweenage sleuth!– had a computer that she wrote DOS programs on. Mystery-solving programs! (Possibly one was called SHERLOCK, though I may be mixing that up with Bruce Coville’s A.I. Gang series.) There were at least two books in the series, maybe more, and they all starred this kid and her boy-who-was-a-friend sidekick and/or younger (girl?) sibling. They solved mysteries (duh). I think they lived in New York City— all in all, pretty magical stuff for an 11-year-old living in a small town in the mountains.

The first book (I think) was about an antique parrot statue that had a special thing hiding inside. A diamond, or some pearls. Or maybe it was made of fancy stuff, like the maltese falcon. It MIGHT have been a stuffed falcon instead of a parrot statue. Or a stuffed owl! SOME sort of dead bird, anyway. The protagonist’s art teacher was involved, or SOMEONE at the protagonist’s school, and it was pretty terrible because the protagonist was so disappointed in her teacher(s). (Or maybe principal.)

Also, pretty sure there was something with roller skates.

Any ideas, lovely readers?

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2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt: The stuffed parrot art teacher diamond mystery”

  1. Hahaha, I love this feature! Yet I do not know what book this is. I wish I could ID it for you — it sounds like the kind of book I’d have checked out of my school library when I was skiving off PE in elementary school. :p

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