Very quick reviews: July 2015

I’ve finished my first semester of library school! Which means I can get back to posting and hanging out on Twitter and reading as many books as I can cram onto my Kindle. First, though, I want to try and catch up on some reviews before the end of the year. Here’s what I didn’t get to review from what I read in July 2015– and, actually, these are all books with m/m romances in them! I read them during Scribd’s Summer Romance Purge which was annoying, but forced me into reading a ton of books in a short amount of time and it ended up being fun.

restless spirits adrian's librarian fair game
Restless Spirits – Jordan L. Hawk ★★★★½
I really love JLH’s Whyborne and Griffin series, and so I was very excited to read this first book in a new historical paranormal romance starring a scientist and a medium and their exasperated siblings. The W&G series is very Lovecraftian-type horror; I’d say this is more kind of…early 20th century ghost stories? Or even 1950s ghost movies set a century earlier– except with more sarcasm and misunderstandings and issues of race (it’s an interracial romance!) and class and the difficulties of being a transgender person in the 19th century. Btw you can get this for FREE (for a limited time) by signing up for JLH’s mailing list!

Fair Game – Josh Lanyon ★★★½
I very much enjoyed the majority of this book! It’s about an ex-FBI agent with a busted knee who stumbles across a serial killer case, which of course means hooking back up with his partner– and then hooking up with his partner. Seeing their fractured relationship get mended and turned (back) into something lovely was very satisfying. There’s also very sweet scenes with the ex-agent’s father, and the serial killer is legit creepy, and the mystery was pretty good, too. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, which felt out of beat with the rest of the book. But I still plan on reading the sequel!

Adrian’s Librarian – Hollis Shiloh ★★★
Let’s be honest, I totally only read this because of the title. However, Adrian’s librarian is not a true librarian. Instead, he’s an unhappy young man who gets rescued by a rich older guy and who slowly gains self-confidence through the course of the story, partly by organizing books. And then they fall in love! And it’s not as skeezy as I just made it sound. It’s got shades of certain Georgette Heyer books, where the rake happens to fall in love with an innocent young person and doesn’t know how to handle it, and the innocent young person doesn’t even realize it’s happening until they fall in love with the rake, too. It’s very cute and sweet. A perfect pick-me-up!

point of knives point of dreams turbulence collection
Point of Knives – Melissa Scott ★★★
The in-between novella1 of the Astreiant series, this one comes right after Point of Hopes and before Point of Dreams. It’s basically all about how the two heroes get together (finally!) and work out their relationship. There are emotional, political, and class issues! They pine, like the dumb men they are, and then they work things out. Also, there’s a mystery.

Point of Dreams – Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett ★★★★
Somewhat frustrated with the mystery in this one because I fell for the red herring. But it’s otherwise pretty darned good! The mystery’s set in a playhouse, with actors and ghosts and a tiny bit of royal conspiracy. Heroes are still working out their relationship, but it’s generally less explicit than what’s in Point of Knives, which is confusing. I THINK this is because PoD (and PoH) were published by Tor, and PoK was published by Lethe Press.2 Anyway, I adore the worldbuilding and the characters and the mystery and I definitely want to get the third book soonish.

Turbulence Collection – Jordan Castillo Price ★★
So this is an example of a novella series not working out for me.3 Too short, too confusing, too iffy on the romance which went from zero to sixty with nary a pause. BUT I appreciated the effort of mixing a romance with a Twilight Zone-type plot, which probably would’ve worked very well in an actual book instead of a series of short books. And I very much liked that it has an interracial romance between a pilot and a flight attendant!

  1. although at 144 pages, it’s a pretty freakin’ long novella.
  2. I have an idea that Tor in general is less explicit about GLBTQ relationships? Lethe Press is, of course, a GLBTQ-centered publisher.
  3. here’s one which DID work out.

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  1. I quite liked Restless Spirits! Obviously ghosty sorts of books are very up my alley, but even within that, I liked Restless Spirits more than I’ve liked Jordan Hawk’s books in the past. With all the ghosts! And whatnot!

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