Weekly Links & Wrap-up (Feb. 2, 2014)

I spent a lot more time in January watching TV shows than I probably “should” have, but I don’t much mind because they were really good shows. Right now I’m marathonning Burn Notice– I’m already up to season 3 and it is very exciting! I also started watched Fringe (love weird scifi!), Archer (more spies, but funny ones this time), The Finder (seeing a theme, here), and I’m about to start the first season of Eureka (more weird scifi). Yay for Netflix, amirite?

Book-wise, I read 15 books in January! Pretty good. And they were all basically good books, too, which makes me happy. In February I’m going to be reading a few Georgette Heyer books, but I’m ALSO going to probably end up rereading some Lord Peter books. I’ve only got maybe two left that I haven’t read! Boo.

All of this will happen between job searches, of course! I’ve applied to quite a few places (including libraries!), but haven’t heard anything yet. Le sigh.

Do you have any plans for February? What are you gonna read?

Books read:

  1. Lord Peter Views the Body – Dorothy L. Sayers
  2. Gaudy Night – Dorothy L. Sayers

Books reviewed:

Posts posted:

TBR notes
Started with 270 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
4 added (A Long, Long Sleep (bought), Sekret, The Girls at the Kingfisher Club, Camelot Burning (all NetGalley))
-2 read (Lord Peter Views the Body, Gaudy Night) and another -2 removed for lack of interest (The War of the Flowers, Canyons)

In January I removed 11 books from my TBR pile and added 6, which just about meets my 2:1 ratio requirement. Yay!

For February I’d like to read 12 TBR books!

Interesting links
Are Ebook Subscription Services Worth It? I know a few people who use Oyster and they seem to like it! Myself, I’d probably not use it enough to justify the expense.

SL Huang talks about why it’s important that PoC characters be described as PoC:

But you know what? There’s another very good reason the “it’s the reader’s fault!” argument is just ridiculously silly, and that’s that it DOESN’T WORK.

You know how I know? I tried it. I thought, yeah, that argument is bunk, but there might be something to a tweaked version of it—that it might be be a Good Thing if I challenged my own default perceptions, if I made an additional conscious effort to imagine sparsely-described characters with more melanin in their skin, even in books that didn’t take place in strongly minority environments.

And what happened? I got smacked in the face for it, every single time. Because somewhere along the way, two chapters or twenty chapters or whatever later, the author would make a reference to the character’s milky skin, to paleness, to a reaction to the appearance of a darker-skinned character . . . and it was so totally clear that this character was meant to be white all along. That I had been meant to imagine the character as white. That the author had assumed I had been doing so.

February is the Month of Letters! I’m not much of a letter writer, but I did enjoy participating in Postcrossing. I may start doing that again, actually. I still got a lot of stamps sitting around my room.

Ever Wanted To Hug Your Lunch?:
japan hot pot polar bear

Here is an infographic about the last 40 years of ebooks! Did you even know ebooks have been around 40 years? I didn’t.

This guy got blackmailed into giving up his Twitter username, and it happened partially because GoDaddy and Paypal gave up sensitive information to the wrong person.

Jim Hines smacks down a jerk regarding binary gender in scifi. Point by point! It’s pretty awesome.

Why little girls are better at designing superheroes than you.

How to build a fictional world – Kate Messner’s TED talk:

7 Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Smarter Packing. Ziploc bags are my favorite trick. I use them to keep my power cords organized.

Why not let these cats show you around Japan? SO CUTE.

Henshin yo! Sailor Moon Biker Gang Photoshoot:
sailor moon biker gang

8 thoughts on “Weekly Links & Wrap-up (Feb. 2, 2014)”

  1. Yeah I’m sighing too over the whole look-for-a-job bid. Hopefully something decent comes our way. You watched a lot of tv and STILL read a ton of books. Awesome. I’m participating in LetterMo too so if you want to exchange addresses, just email me. 🙂 Enjoy your week.

  2. So much reading and good things happened for you in January. Cheers to getting the year off to a great start. I hope February will present more luck on the job front.

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