Weekly Links & Wrap-up (Feb. 9, 2014)

Hello! Happy Sunday. This week has gone by SUPER fast. I have some news!

1. I bought a dresser. Yay, furniture! I got it a super low price, too, and all it needs is a bit of paint.
2. I NEARLY filed my taxes and apparently I will be getting a big refund which will help with the being unemployed thing. (Nearly filed because I need a 1099 and it’s not here yet WHY)
3. I have a job interview! Later this week! At a LIBRARY!!

So my week was pretty danged awesome. How was yours?

Books read:

  1. The Quiet Gentleman – Georgette Heyer
  2. Faro’s Daughter – Georgette Heyer
  3. Unnatural Death – Dorothy L. Sayers
  4. Cousin Kate – Georgette Heyer

Yay! Finally, a total more than two! Lately my reading has been a lot of Georgette Heyer and Dorothy L. Sayers, and I can’t say I’m too upset about it. It DOES make it a little difficult to switch to an epic fantasy book, though (like I’d planned to). My brain’s stuck on historical things and doesn’t have room for wizards and dragons, apparently.

Books reviewed:

Posts posted:

TBR notes
Started with 270 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
+12 added (Miserere, The Alchemist of Souls, Why Shoot a Butler?, The Killing Moon (bought); The Goblin Emperor, Blur, Don’t Even Think About It (NetGalley); Very Good, Jeeves, Weekend, Bring on the Empty Horses, Tacos on the Tundra, Among the Porcupines (freebie book bin!))
-4 read

Oh dear. Well, I’m not TOO worried about this: two of the books I bought were on my wishlist, and one of those is a Georgette Heyer mystery which I really needed because I don’t actually own any. Memory‘s to blame for The Goblin Emperor; she lured me into requesting it for reviewing by talking about it so enthusiastically on Twitter. And the freebies were FREE, okay, they were RIGHT THERE and they were FREE. (Usually I don’t count freebies, but these ones are paper so I’ve gotta deal with them physically and thus they’re on the list.)

Ponyo rain gif
don’t judge me

Interesting links
Here is an interview with a publisher about publishing diverse books:

I do think one of the problems is that some schools, libraries, and bookstores will only stock diverse titles if they have a population of that particular race or ethnicity – they might not think they need titles about Latinos or Arabs or African Americans if theirs is, say, a largely white or Asian clientele. This is quite frustrating for me as a publisher, and terribly limiting for those poor kids who are shut out from so many books that could open their eyes to a much wider range of experiences. Do we stop shelving historical fiction if none of our students have time-traveled from the 18th century? Or cut the budget for books set in Middle Earth if we don’t have a hobbit minority in the community? Why wouldn’t an African American child relate to an Indian protagonist, or a white child to a Korean narrator? The best books will explore the universality of the human condition beyond the specific profile of a character. It’s going to continue to be difficult to sell diverse books until this mindset changes.

I thought this post was a very good way of explaining non-Creationist things to Creationists. Sometimes snark just makes people defensive and they don’t learn anything; kindness can be an important teaching tool, too.

This video made me cry! A guy reconstructed/fixed his wife’s childhood teddy bear and gave it to her for Christmas:

Before the Dewey Decimal system, there was Putnam classification! I love the loopy lettering they used.

This really old post about how scary it is being a midlist author made me depressed, until I realized that probably nowadays that same author would turn to self-publishing to make some (hopefully) more steady income. Don’t you think?

I want this book!
pond smelt
Pond Smelt: “Janey moves in to a new town with a bunch of animal people and tries to make new friends with a wolf. It’s almost like in the game Animal Crossing. Everyday life, treasure hunting and fishing. You might learn a lot from this book!”

Armchair BEA needs volunteers to help run it this year. Check out Florinda’s post about it if you’re interested; you have until February 15th to apply.

What’s your L.M. Montgomery character name? Mine’s Josephine of Teal Bay. I feel like I’d own a boat and rescue stray dogs.

Apparently people don’t like flappers behaving like proper flappers on the TV. I don’t even, people. (Also, that reminds me: I need to watch watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries past episode one soon. And probably read more of the books; I bought, like, 10 of them last year. Gotta read ’em!)

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  1. You made me cry with your teddy bear video, and I was not prepared for that even though you said it was a cry-ful video.

    My fingers are crossed, crossed, crossed for your interview to become a most wondrous job that will satisfy your heart!

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