Weekly links & wrap-up (Jan. 19, 2014)

Hello hello! This late edition of weekly links and wrap-up comes to you from the fuzzy cloud of food poisoning! You’ll understand if I make this short.

Upcoming events! Historical Hearthrobs Blog Tour (Jan. 24) and Georgette Heyer Month (February). Woohoo!

Books read:

  1. Death TV – Kanari Yozaburo
  2. Smoke and Mirrors – Kanari Yozaburo

Not fantastic, especially since both of these are rereads. But I just couldn’t stay focused on a non-comic book this week! I ended up playing a lot of bingo and watching TV shows on Netflix, ha.

Books reviewed:

Posts posted:

TBR notes
Started with 272 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
0 added
0 read

Oh no! This is the worst week yet! I am definitely going to read at least one TBR book this week. Probably Parasite, which I started a few days ago. I also have my eye on some recently reduced-priced books to add to my collection, just as soon as my Amazon gift card comes in from Swagbucks.

Interesting links
I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Attack on Titan lately, and reading this article about how its creator refuses to confirm or deny a character’s gender just makes me want to read it more.

The Names They Gave Me by Tasbeeh Herwees makes me want to start insisting people pronounce my name correctly (Ah-nah-sta-sha).

Jessica over at Books a True Story asks Can Blogging Survive in a Mobile World? Basically, commenting on mobile devices is difficult and so people turn to Twitter/Facebook and that is sucking all the interaction off of blogs onto social media sites. I’ve definitely responded to posts on Twitter rather than a comment, if only because the commenting form thing is SUPER ANNOYING on my iPhone. Also, tbh, people tend to respond more to my responses when I use Twitter, and I like being responded to.

Barbie who? Nigeria’s Queens of Africa dolls take on US toymaker Mattel
MDG : Queens of Africa dolls

The Joy of Unfollowing:

In the age of social media, when cell phones come with camera lenses optimized for selfies, that last question gets asked regularly. So I am going to answer it, once and for all: No. There is no such thing as TMI on the Internet. We are living in a post-TMI age, and everyone needs to deal with it. Preferably by using the “unfollow” button.

I found this article about how people slept in the 1700s last night after waking up way earlier than I expected to wake up: Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You.

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  1. I’m so sorry you were sick. I lost my voice for most of the week so I know how it feels. Hopefully you will have a better reading week next week.

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