Weekly Links & Wrap-up (Jan. 26, 2014)

Hello! It’s Sunday again, which means another week went by. Mine was pretty good– I applied for a few more jobs (including library ones!), started watching Fringe on Netflix (strangest cast choices ever), and wrote a few posts for the upcoming Georgette Heyer Month. At this point I’m still waffling over whether I should just focus the whole month on her romance books or if I should try to get a few mysteries in there as well.

On the one hand, she DID write mysteries and she liked writing them just as much as her romances, so I should honor that by talking about them, right? On the other hand, I don’t actually own any of her mysteries and I didn’t much like the one I have read. What do you guys think? Will anyone care if the whole of #ghmonth is just romance romance romance?

And just a quick reminder for all you Southern California peoples to check out the SoCal Book Events calendar for upcoming signings and things! For example, the Book Ball is at the end of February in Huntington Beach. Who’s planning on going?

Books read:

  1. Sylvester – Georgette Heyer
  2. No Touch Monkey! – Ayun Halliday

What! I thought for sure I’d read more than just two books this week. Huh.

Books reviewed:

Posts posted:

TBR notes
Started with 272 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
0 added
-2 read (Sylvester, No Touch Monkey!)

Yay! Slowly but surely I am conquering the mountain.

Interesting links
At The Millions, classic book titles get rewritten to be more Upworthy. My favorite:
jane eyre the millions edit

Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret books are all getting new translations and covers! Which is great news, because I tried reading one once and it was terrible. (via @sarahw)

Privacy, For Its Own Sake by Will Moyer is a very good read about online identity and privacy and the blending thereof.

Here is an infographic about what makes a book successful. I thought it was interesting that people under 40 read faster than the over-40s, but complete less books even though they’re also reading shorter books.

a woman is more dangerous than a loaded gun; a winter 2014 mix from usagiko on 8tracks Radio.

I love it when companies/websites aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves! Here the staff of xoJane come up with some parody article titles of their own after Mommyish started the lol train.

Look! Lake Superior was all frozen over and creepy-cool last week! ICE CAVES!! (I used to live right by Superior, did you know? Never got to go in an ice cave, though.)

Author Brenna Aubrey turned down a 3 book publishing deal to self-publish her books instead. Her first month sales report seems to be backing up her decision!

Back in 2002, Christopher J. Priest talks about his experiences as a black man working in the comics industry. Example:

When I was working as Larry Hama’s assistant on the CONAN books, we got a call from Conan Properties asking for an art change in an issue set in Pictland. Alfredo Alcala had drawn a bunch of pygmies running around, with bones through their noses and what have you.

I didn’t have any objection. I mean, this was pretty accurate. I’ve seen much weirder on National Geographic. But we got this call, this lady asking me, politely, to remove the bones from the pygmies’ noses because it might be seen as offensive to black people, “…and you know how THEY are.”

I assured her I did, indeed, know how THEY are, and promised we’d fix the bones in the pygmies’ noses. I told Larry the story, and Larry liked to died laughing. Then, once the art corrections were made, he insisted I personally bring the corrected art over to the Conan people (their office was across town).

I met with this lovely woman, the soul of politeness, who was pleased by the changes and signed off on the issue. She had, in all likelihood, completely forgotten the THEY remark, as I’m certain she meant no harm by it, and was genuinely interested in not offending black people.

But this is how insidious institutionalized racism can be.

Andi of Estella’s Revenge offers up some tips on how to keep a sustainable blog over the years.

Author Ilsa J. Bick’s More Thoughts on Guest Posts & Blogger Etiquette/Responsibilities (and a bit on Loss Leaders). Basically, don’t ask authors to do things for you for free and then not use those things.

How was your week?

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