Weekly links & wrap-up (Mar. 2, 2014)

Happy March, y’all! I am now 26 years old! Yay!

For my birthday we went to the mission in San Juan Capistrano. It was SO pretty; I took lots of pictures and I will be uploading them to my Flickr shortly. I also bought some books! Full price books in paper and everything! Woohoo! I actually tried to find a Diana Wynne Jones book I don’t already own, but they didn’t have any. Boo, those bookstores. They DID have a Terry Pratchett book, though, and it’s a Night Watch subseries book to boot! VERY EXCITING OMG.

In other news, March is Diana Wynne Jones month. You may have seen my post yesterday about my DWJ shelf– I’ll be posting something for most of the prompts, along with my regular reviews and discussions and whatnot. I’ll ALSO be reading as many DWJ books as I can, including two I’ve never read before!

What will you be reading this month?

Books read:

  1. Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski
  2. Charmed Life – Diana Wynne Jones
  3. The Black Moth – Georgette Heyer
  4. The Doll People – Ann M. Martin
  5. T-Backs, T-Shirts, COAT and Suit – E.L. Konigsburg
  6. Princess of Glass – Jessica Day George

Lots of books read this week! Yay! And three of them were TBR books, just like I wanted.

Books reviewed:
I didn’t review any books this week! How strange.

Posts posted:

TBR notes
Started with 287 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
+11 added (Lilith’s Brood, Hound D’urbervilles, The Grand Tour, The Mislaid Magician, Three Parts Dead, Luck in the Shadows, The Fifth Elephant (bought); The Here and Now, Because of Her (review))
-4 read (Don’t Even Think About It, The Doll People, T-Backs, T-Shirts, COAT and Suit, Princess of Glass)

Okay, so, I keep adding more books than I’m reading. Which is not good! But on the other hand, new books to read!!

Interesting links
This Swedish ad company has the coolest ad ever. Check it out!

Someone posted part of a Delia’s catalog from 1996, and what I’m struck most by is how FUN the poses are compared to nowadays.
dehlias catalog 1996

Andi at Estella’s Revenge has 5 simple strategies that make blogging easier.

Publishers Are Warming to Fan Fiction, But Can It Go Mainstream? @ Wired:

The overlap between the professional and fan literary communities is one of those uncomfortable secrets no one denies, but few discuss. Fan fiction is mostly published pseudonymously, and the stigma surrounding it often causes writers to keep their professional and fan identities carefully compartmentalized.

Literary publishing’s uneasy relationship with fan fiction has been complicated by the realization that fandom is a huge potential market—one stocked with both prolific authors and enthusiastic readers. But tapping that market is a dilemma few publishers seem quite prepared to engage.

That’s where Big Bang Press comes in.

Author Emily Gould writes about how much her first novel cost her in the long run.

These custom Sailor Moon hoodies are AMAZING! Detachable bows!

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