Weekly links & wrap-up (Mar. 9, 2014)

Happy Sunday! How was your week? I’ve been busy cleaning my room and changing the OS on my computer. It’s slow-going with the cleaning, as every time I turn around there’s another pile of stuff on the floor. (The trick is to get the stuff into boxes and then into the closet!) The new OS is going well, though! I ended up switching from Ubuntu to Bodhi Linux, which is basically Ubuntu only faster (hopefully). For some reason my computer really didn’t like Ubuntu and it kept throwing up random errors every ten minutes; with Bodhi, there have been no errors AND my earphone jack, which hasn’t worked for two years, is mysteriously working again! Yay!

This week I’m hoping to get a blog schedule set up again. I’m aiming for scheduled posts, dedicated leaving-comments-on-other-blogs time each day, and working out a system with Evernote/Dropbox/my phone. Lately I’ve just been writing posts as I need them each day, which is relaxing and freeing but also a little nerve-wracking. I’d much rather write six posts over the weekend and have them scheduled out through the week, as that’d leave me time during the week to leave comments/hang out on Twitter/etc. So I’m going to work on doing just that!

In other news, I’ve been continuing with my marathon watching of Medium on Netflix. I’m now midway through season 3 and I’m still very much enjoying watching it– I like the mysteries and the family and the grumpy detective. It’s also spooky, but not TOO spooky. Perfect for a scaredy cat like me! I’m also watching Drop Dead Diva, which is SUCH a cute show, omg. What shows are y’all watching?

By the way, Amazon’s running an amazing sale today: books that “inspired our passion for reading” for $2.99 or less, including American Gods (recommended!) for $1.99!

And one more cheapie book: Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her by Melanie Rehak, which I loved when I read it last year, is $2.51 at Amazon.

Books read

  1. The Goblin Emperor – Katherine Addison
  2. Because of Her – K.E. Payne (DNF)
  3. The Lives of Christopher Chant – Diana Wynne Jones
  4. Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones
  5. Monstrous Regiment – Terry Pratchett
  6. Night Watch – Terry Pratchett

A lot of rereads this week! I do so love rereading; it may push back some of my TBR books, but it feels like slipping into a warm bubble bath so I definitely think it’s worth it.

Books reviewed

Posts posted

TBR notes

Started with 294 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
+21 added (Kiki Strike #2, The Amaranth Enchantment, A Study in Lavender, Usurper of the Sun, Corona, Odd Girl Out, The Ouroboros Wave, A Stranger in Olondria, The Winter Prince, Code Name Verity, The World House, Worldsoul, Yukikaze, These Broken Stars, StarCrossed, Reality 36, The Damned Busters, Traveling with the Dead, Bride of the Rat God, Blood Maidens, Magistrates of Hell (all bought))
-2 read (The Goblin Emperor, Because of Her)

Kobo had another 90% coupon running last weekend, so I took the opportunity to stock up on wishlist books! I HAVE NO REGRETS. (If you’d like to see all the books I got with covers and tags and whatnot, I’ve added them to my bought-mar-14 shelf on Goodreads.)

On the other hand, I have now gotten above 300 books on my TBR, so it’s definitely time to buckle down and read them. I’d like to read at least two TBR books this week!

Interesting links

These confessions of less-than-savvy traveler over at The Ramble are both comforting (I’m not the only one who has traveling mishaps!) and hilarious.

The Real Fauxtographer has created a Sabriel photograph and it is AMAZING!

I’m kinda obsessed with Iggy Azalea’s newest music video, an homage to one of my favorite movies: Clueless! (Explicit)

Spritz, a speed-reading company, has been getting some buzz lately. Supposedly, you’ll be able to read a 223 page novel in just 77 minutes.

Are you on Pinterest? Here’s how to get more traffic on your blog from Pinterest in 5 easy steps!

Coursera has lots of free classes you can take, including this one about Tolkien and online gaming.

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