Weekly links & wrap-up (May 11, 2014)

Hello, happy Mother’s Day! Hug a mother today, for they are awesome.

In personal news, I got an iPad! I’ve been using it (in conjunction with BlogPad Pro) instead of my laptop this week, and it’s working out pretty well. I’ve written four blog posts, updated a few pages, and answered comments. Turns out I can type pretty fast on the keyboard, yay! It’s so light and convenient that I can totally see myself taking my iPad out with me instead of my super heavy laptop, especially when traveling.

I’m currently reading a book on it (using Marvin). It takes a bit of getting used to the big screen; I can read for days on my iPhone but it’s a little trickier with the iPad. Maybe I just haven’t adjusted the brightness setting enough, or something.

TV news: You know what’s a good show? Bob’s Burgers. I’ve been marathon-watching it on Netflix for the past week, and it’s FANTASTIC. I love the whole cast and the humor and even the animation. Yay, Bob’s Burgers!

What’re you watching these days? I’ve got about a million other shows I want to watch on Netflix and I can’t decide which to pick next. Maybe X-Files?

Books read

  1. Regency Buck – Georgette Heyer
  2. When you Reach Me – Rebecca Stead
  3. Keeping the Castle – Patrice Kindl
  4. The Princess Bride – William Goldman

Books reviewed

Posts posted

TBR notes

Started with 318 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
0 added
-1 read (Regency Buck)

I DID get some audiobooks, but since I’m not counting them in my TBR totals I’m not gonna talk about them. Except! I got them for free because I got some free credits for various promotions. Ha!

Interesting links

Author N.K. Jemison has an omnibus of her Inheritance trilogy coming out, and it’s got a bonus novella in it! Yay!

Over at Nose Graze, Ashley talks about which Google Analytics data we should be focusing on. I mostly use it to see what people click on (especially in the sidebar and menus area)– how do you use GA?

From Smithsonian magazine: how science fiction writers are shaping our future.

I’m always looking for fast and easy breakfasts to make. This egg in a jar recipe looks fun! And to go with the egg, here’s a recipe for making fantastic chai.

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  1. I second your cheer for Bob’s Burgers! And for shows to watch next — are you already a Supernatural person? I feel like you would be? But if not, that one! It took me a little while to warm up to it, but now I am finding it strangely addicting.

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