Weekly reading, vol. 1

Hello, hello! It’s hot, the main power break for our house died two days ago and we’ve been dealing with that, I’m super busy with school and I haven’t got a ton of blogging mojo to spare. But I DO want to blog! About books! Books I read this week between doing homework, group meetins, and reorganizing the collection at work (more on that in a later post).

Books read

Tbh, not the BEST week ever, ratings-wise. Maybe I’m getting pickier in my old age.

Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins ★★½ | Goodreads | contemporary romance, GLBTQ | read Sept. 12-13, 2015
New adult romance with college students! Oh, the angst. It’s delicious. The balance between sex and emotional depth was a little too skewed towards sex for me, and I wish the ending was less “everything is magically now fixed.” But I was totally sucked into Tom and Reese’s story (see: delicious angst) and I liked it enough that I’ll probably read the second book (which stars one of the antagonists from this book! Very interesting.).

Cinder by Marie Sexton ★★ | Goodreads | fantasy, romance, GLBTQ | read Sept. 16, 2015
Fairy tale retelling! Yay! Friends to lovers! Yay! Everything else…nay? idk, it’s super fluffy and super short and I wasn’t much of a fan of the narrative voice, which made it difficult to connect with the characters. I’m definitely interested in reading more fairy tales with GLBTQ characters, though! Will keep up the search.

Prisoner by Megan Derr ★★ | Goodreads | fantasy, romance, GLBTQ | read Sept. 17-18, 2015
This is the first book in the Kria series; I’d read the second one a few months ago and really enjoyed it. This one? Oh boy. If I’d started with series with Prisoner I would NOT have continued. It’s pretty bad. The characters are (mostly) horrible, the writing is not what I expected, and the story is boring. Dieter, one of the protags, literally spends all his time sneering, smirking, or laughing– when not throwing his “love interest” to the floor in disgust. I’m just really disappointed. But, since the second book was SO much better, I’m assuming the third book must be better, too? So I will be reading it, despite this book.

Sidenote: definitely read the second book first, if you’re interested in this series.

falling barbara elsborg


Falling by Barbara Elsborg | Goodreads | romance, GLBTQ | read Sept. 13-16, 2015
Somehow all my recommendations on Scribd turned into contemporary romances with gray covers and angsty summaries. At first I dug it, but then I guess I git a wall or something because this book was one too many. I might come back to it again later, especially because I do like the premise (one unemployed journalist just getting over a terrible relationship, one ex-teacher recently out of a 10 year prison stint). However, the writing style just wasn’t clicking with me and after a few days away from it, I ended up DNF’ing at 35%.

green mill murder greenwood nothing daunted

Currently reading

The Green Mill Murder by Kerry Greenwood | Goodreads | historical fiction, mystery
I bought almost the entire Phryne Fisher series a few years ago and have yet to read them, despite really enjoying the first three books (and the TV series!). So I decided to fix that. Upside: they ARE fun books, and I love Phryne. She flies to the Australian outback in this one– a particularly interesting adventure because of my fondness for the early history of flight. Downside: I already know the solutions to the mysteries because I’ve seen the TV show, which somewhat spoils the experience. I think I’d have liked to have read the books first and THEN seen the show.

Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West by Dorothy Wickenden | Goodreads | biography
Two women go out into the early 20th century wilderness to teach schoolchildren! The frontier! Adventure! History! Unmarried older women (late 20s) going and having fun during a time when people got really upset about that sort of thing! Written by one of their granddaughters, mostly based off (extremely fun) letters they wrote back to their family.

What’ve you been reading this week?

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    1. From what I remember of the show, they stick fairly close to the core of the mysteries. Characters were moved around a lot (like Dot’s boyfriend is introduced in the first episode but not until book…three or four?), I think they might smush a book or two together sometimes and of course the plots are somewhat simplified. But it’s pretty close. Close enough to confuse me, anyway!

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