Weekly Wrap-Up: January 5, 2014

Anyone else still writing 2013 on their dates? Le sigh.

After the insanity that was trying to figure out my stats in 2013, I’ve switched back to using Fyrefly’s awesome spreadsheet. I’ve tweaked it a bit so I can keep track of some things not already on there– like story location and publisher, for example. I’m looking forward to seeing how things add up at the end of the year.

Books read:

  1. A Wizard of Earthsea – Ursula K. Le Guin
  2. Ascension – Jacqueline Koyanagi
  3. Powder & Patch – Georgette Heyer

By far my favorite read was A Wizard of Earthsea. I need to get the other books in that series! RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately my city library doesn’t have any of them, so I guess I’m going to have to get that county library card after all. (Weirdly enough, they charge for placing holds ($0.25) but not for inter-library loans. My city library charges for loans but not for holds. Gah.)

Books reviewed:

This week I’ll be trying to finish up on reviews for books read during the last week of December. So I’m thinking these ones will be posted soonish: Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman, (George) by E.L. Konigsburg, Good-bye Geist and Ryo Hanada and Kamen Vol. 1 by Gunya Mihara.

Posts posted:

House of Dolls

TBR notes
Started with 275 books on the pile (not counting audiobooks)
+1 added (House of Dolls by Francesca Lia Block)
-3 read (Wizard of Earthsea, Ascension, Powder & Patch)

More about my TBR Plan for 2014 later.

Interesting links:
Karen at For What It’s Worth posted about digging her way out of a reading/blogging slump and has excellent tips about doing just that. I especially like what she said about stepping away from the hype; I’m one of those people who gets sucked into the excitement of something even when it’s not something I’d be excited for on my own, so I definitely need to keep an eye on that this year. (Not going to BEA will probably help with that…)

Mixed media artist Suzi Blu is doing a new (free) thing called adventure journaling this year.

Adventure needn’t happen on the tops of mountains, and you don’t have to wear khakis. My idea of adventure is anything that takes you out of your ordinary. It’s going to be something different for everyone. For you it could be putting on pants and going to a coffee shop and sitting down to read a book you have been meaning to read; for me it may mean making eye contact with someone new and inviting them to tea. The point is to push yourself out of your self-created boundaries.

I don’t particularly like the way she’s co-opted “gypsy” as a lifestyle thing or something, but I do like the idea of going out and having adventures with your journal.

These images of Los Angeles 100 years ago are lovely and full of elegance. I must get up to LA more.

Have I already posted this trailer? Whatever, I’m doing it again:

Marie Brennan, she of the fantastic A Natural History of Dragons (and other books I have yet to read), is on the newest episode of the Sword and Laser podcast.

What have you been up to this week?

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