Yearly Wrap-up Part 4: Stats and Totals for 2013

Okay, so actually I didn’t keep track of things perfectly this year– I mostly used Goodreads, which is great for big numbers but crappier for small ones. Therefor this post involved a lot of counting. On the plus side, I finally figured out how to view more than one shelf at a time!

Yearly Wrap-ups: Part 1 (Books) | Part 2 ( | Part 3 (Goals) | Part 4 (Stats)

Books read: 200! Yay! I met my reading goal for the year with 15 minutes to spare. You can see the complete list of books I read here, or if you prefer a fancier cover view, here at Goodreads.

Book Formats

book formats 2013 chart
I mostly read paper books, which isn’t that much of a surprise. I love ebooks (as you can see by the rather large chunk of the pie chart taken up by them), but paper is very nice and comforting and also doesn’t give me the occasional headache.

However, I have a feeling that 2014’s ebook chunk may be even larger! I went on a huge shopping spree and bought a lot of ebooks in November, and I want to read at least half of them in 2014. Plus I really don’t have that much room for paper books, so I think most of my new acquisitions in 2014 will be ebooks, too.

Audiobooks! I read 8 audiobooks in 2013. Not too bad, but not fantastic either (especially considering the size of my TBR audio pile). In 2014 I’d like to have read at least 12 audiobooks– one a month, basically. (Speaking of, I still have about 3 hours to go in my Farthing audio. Better get on that!)


genres general 2013 chart
Unsurprisingly, I read mostly fiction books. 166 of them, to be exact! Still, I’m happy with my 34 non-fiction books, especially since they were mostly all high-rated reads. Yay good books!

genres specific 2013 chart
(Downside of using Google Drive to make your pie charts: it doesn’t label ALL the slices! wth, Google. That light blue slice is Horror, at somewhere around 5% I think.)

My biggest genre read was Fantasy (89 books), which, well, duh. It’s my favorite genre! Scifi is at ~16% (31 books); I think for 2014 I’d like to read lots more scifi. I really enjoyed it and I feel like I didn’t read enough in 2013, even though it’s a pretty big piece of the pie. Mystery is the third biggest genre I read (26 books), which feels right. I think a lot of them were crossovers, though– like mystery-fantasy or historical fiction-mystery. I actually feel good about that; interweaving genres keeps things interesting, and I can definitely see myself reading more mysteries with vampires or zombies or uptight Victorian gentlemen.

The other genres I read, Romance (13 books), Historical Fiction (12 books), Horror (7 books), and Contemporary Fiction (16 books), are at about where I’d expect them to be, percentage-wise. All but two of the romances I read were genre-blended with something else, usually historical fiction (Georgette Heyer!). I just don’t seem to be interested in contemporary romances for some reason. Likewise, all the historical fiction I read was crossed with something else (Mystery or Romance); I think I’d like to read a few straight-up HF books in 2014, as I do enjoy them and it seems a shame that I didn’t read any in 2013.

Diversity Sidenote

glbtq: 5 books
poc-protags: 22 books

Not as fab as I’d like it to be. I think my excuse was something like “idk the library doesn’t have much.” But 2014 will be better, because I specifically went out and bought at least a dozen books from my wishlist with non-white and/or non-straight protagonists in them. Ha!


reading age chart 2013

Again, not really a surprise, since most of my very favorite books are in the younger age ranges and I reread basically all of them in 2013. Thus they make up just over half of my 200 books read.

However, lately I’ve been craving adult books! I still have a ton of YA books to read, but I’ve been skipping over them for something a little older-oriented. It’s kind of an exciting change for me, though I do feel bad for not wanting to read (at the moment) the dozens of YA books I have.

Genders of Authors

author genders 2013

I don’t specifically go out and chose books to read based on an author’s gender, but I do like how the majority of the books (60%) I read were written by women. I’ve actually been flirting with the idea of reading written-by-women SFF with more intention, particularly after I read this article on Tor last October. Things to think about!

Sources of Books

sources chart 2013

Again with the not putting percentages on the smaller slices, Google Drive! I really need to get a better pie chart maker thing for next year. Sheesh.

Okay, anyway: majority of 2013’s reads came from purchases I made (not just in 2013), but just barely (66 books). Borrowed from the library came in a very close second (63 books), a pleasant surprise because every time I went to the library I felt like I didn’t find enough books. (Speaking of, I need to get back there soon.) Freebies (21 books) were mostly books from Baen’s free library and a few audiobooks from Sync’s summer promotion.

I had a few books for review (13 books), though I think I got most of them at the beginning of the year. Though I didn’t read as many as I would have liked, I did get to some books from BEA 2013 (12 books) and ALA 2012 (5 books). I love going to conferences and getting tons of books is lots of fun, but I hardly read any of them! I’m more likely to read books I get signed from authors, it seems; next time I go to a book conference I may just stick to getting autographed copies.

Other sources include Borrowed books (2 books), Contest Wins (1 book), Swapped (2 books), Public Domain (also technically freebies but whatever) (4 books), and Gifts (11 books).


rating chart 2013

Holy crap, this chart. SUCH a pain in the butt! Anyway, the ratings are from 1-5, and 0 means the book was DNF’d.

I thought for sure I was being stingy with my 5 star ratings this year, but actually I gave 25 books a full five stars! That’s a pretty good amount, yup. 14 books were rated 4.5 stars and 63 books were rated four stars. So that means more than half (108) of my total books read for 2013 were rated four stars or more! That’s so great! That means I read a ton of great books, really amazing reads, and I so hope that 2014 goes as well as 2013 did.

Authors most read

most read authors 2013 chart

And to the surprise of practically no-one, the most read author of 2013 was
Diana Wynne Jones, with 20 books read.

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  1. Nice! Many wonderful charts! I like your charts so much I’ve decided to do better tracking in this upcoming year — I’m keeping a books spreadsheet that notes the gender, race, and nationality of all my authors, and the genres of all my books. So I will have stats for 2014! I will have beautiful charts like you have!

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